Middle school and
High School

12-15 years

The teen social skills curriculum aims to facilitate building social relationships, enhancing interpersonal skills and communication skills. Individuals are introduced to topics that involve age-appropriate interests and the execution of skills needed to maintain friendships.

Sample Topics

Social Interactions

Planning Activities
Navigating Social Media

Interpersonal Relationships

Understanding other’s Social Behavior
Collaborative and Cooperative Interaction
Tolerance of others

Communication Skills

Reciprocal Communication
Sharing plans and experiences
Initiating Conversation of other’s Interest


Introduce the Social Skills Topic

Model the Social Skill
• Show what the skill looks like

Practice the skills
• Lesson activity and Role-play

Positive Feedback
• Praise correct response or areas of strenght
• Provide guidance on areas of difficulty

Monitor Progress
• Take note on the areas of strenght and ifficulty
• This helps identify areas to work on.